A couple fun facts about Chinese New Year and LOTS of fun pictures!

As you browse through our fun Chinese New Year themed photos keep in mind that we can do any theme you can think of! Big Lyle’s also provides costumes and other fun props to make the photos, not only a keepsake, but part of the entertainment and fun of your party! We also hope you enjoy the fun list of facts we have provided for the Chinese New Year!

1. The reason Chinese New Year has so many lights and noises is because in ancient days there was said to be a bull with the head of a lion that would raid the villages of food and supplies. Legends told that they finally were able to stop the beast with lots of light and sound, which made it a celebration when they were able to stop the beast.

2. Part of the fun is fireworks, as China actually produces 90% of the world’s fireworks, but things stopped being fun in 2012 when over 6,000 firework-related accidents occurred the first day of the celebration!

3. It is a popular superstition that you should clean your entire house before the new year as to not leave any bad luck around the house when you embark on your new year! (Maybe we should all try this 😉)