Playing the Big House- 2014 Detroit GridIron Greats Event

2014 GridIron Greats

NFL Player and Wife

Players supporting the past

Lyle And I were honored to provide the Step & Repeat photo service for   “Mike Ditka’s Gridiron Greats- Sixth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner in Detroit at Ford Field with Detroit Lions, May 16, 2014”  The  Mission of this organisation to help support the Many NFL players who helped build, shape, and mold the NFL into what it is today, and  are paying the price physically, mentally, and emotionally from their on-the-field efforts as an NFL player, These are the men that played before the major salaries were paid and may need assistance in retirement.


Get out of the way kids we want to play too.

Funny picture made with Green screen photography

Look Ma we made on the field

What can I say. Big Lyle’s brings a lot of energy, action and fun to a party.
 Here’s just another successful event and happy clients we worked with. This time we partied at a Bar Mitzvah held at Indian Run Golf Clubin Scotts Michigan, Our Green screen photo services were brought in to entertain the kids so we  were told,  but the parents had seen us at a previous party and they were ready to take over. Why consider a green screen photo station for your next event?1.Everyone can and will participate,  2. It is hilarious to watch your friends do,  3. We can put you virtually anywhere with digital backgrounds so your event will  be customized to your theme or show your personal style. [nggallery id=75]

Trend Setting at 70? Senior having serious FUN

We know the standard must haves at Birthday parties -Good food – Gorgeous Birthday Cakes and Festive decorations.
But when you’re planning the big milestone celebrations you want to make it unforgettable.  When looking for a creative new twist for the BIG Birthday celebrations  think VIP!  go Hollywood with a  green screen digital photo unit. Even the camera shy will love this style of event entertainment.

Senior Citizens have fun with photo event

Dancing to the oldies

It’s as much fun to watch as it is to participate in.  We supply a large variety of Themed backgrounds, lots of silly photo props and a staff the makes sure your guest are engaged and entertained.

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Santa – the life of the party – Ideas for corporate or community events

The guest of Honor; Santa love his time in the spot light.

Our Fun photo ideas are a big hit at holiday events. Event planners really like the simplicity of the Green screen photo event.  This style of event adds creativity and choices for guest because they can choose what kind of background they want to use for their Christmas card and because we use high speed commercial photo printers all the guest walk away with their event keepsake in hand.

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The new face of American Jet Setters – World Travel – Teen party Ideas

When the Guest of honor says she wants to do a little world traveling for her Bat Mitzvah,
her party planner ( MOM) called Big Lyle’s to help make that happen.
When around the world Air fair for 60 is out of the question it’s time to use our imagination to make our party girl’s dream come true. We say let’s do it the Hollywood way- Lights-Camera and Action– with our on-site green screen special FX photo studio and digital photography we can transport your guest to any travel destination.  Unlike your passport there is NO waiting for your pictures. All the travel photos are instantly printed at your party.

A fun cool way to create your party keepsakes.

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A little girls first true love – The perfect activity for a Valentine Dance – Beverly Hills Mi

Little Girls on a very special date each walking in with their own Leading Man.  This event was sooo sweet, Proud poppas making their daughters feel like little Movie Stars for the evening. The ladies planning this wonderful event wanted to make all the couples feel like Stars and what better place for a Star than Hollywood.

We helped make this event really fun by providing the exciting entertainment of being in a movie studio.
The girls loved the Green screen setup “just like they have seen on TV”  and getting to choose their own backgrounds and watching as we did the special FX to put them in the pictures.
The Party planners loved that the photos were instantly printed out right there at the event, saving them from more work.  No processing,  sorting or mailing.
Let us create the perfect Hollywood themed party keepsake.  [nggallery id=32]