Thank you for a great year

We just want to take a second to say thank you to all of our customers and business partners for everything they have helped us accomplish this year! We are a small business that has been growing fast and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of business and support we have gotten this year. At Big Lyle’s we believe in giving back so we would like to share with you some of the non-profits that we have been blessed enough to provide our service as an in-kind donation or at a discounted rate. Each one of these we believe is a great cause and we love being able to help them any way we can! We’ve linked each one so you can go to their site and learn more about them!

We also want to say a quick thank you to a couple of event companies that we love to work with and owe a lot of our growth to! If you are planning an upcoming an event all these companies are so great to work with!

Feature picture for thanksgiving blog

Mariners Inn’s River Rhythm Gala at Motor City Casino

Hey guys, this week we wanted to share an event we did at The Soundboard at Motor City Casino in Detroit.  The event was for Mariner’s Inn, a shelter and treatment center for the homeless.  It is such a great organization that helps men and their families that are affected by substance abuse.

This was our second time doing green screen pictures for this wonderful event and we couldn’t have had a more fun time with it.  We did personalized pictures for their Gatsby themed event that was a hit for every guest that did it and got to take a picture home with them. We can’t wait to come back next year to help such an amazing cause, please make sure to visit Mariner’s Inn on their website to learn more about what they do and how you can help!

Here’s a few picture from the green screen:)


Mardi Gras parade comes to you with advanced technology

Big Lyle’s has done many themes, but one that is always fun is Mardi Gras!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Whether you want to be on the parade route or even on a float, we have an array of Mardi Gras themed backgrounds available for any time of the year.  These pictures are from an event that we did on Mardi Gras and everyone LOVED it! As a team leader, I have worked for this company for about 5 years and my favorite part is watching the customers have fun. With an open air photo booth it automatically becomes part of the party!  A lot of people’s favorite part of your event may be crowding around the green screen (something that happens at every event) just to watch and laugh with the people taking a picture.  Guests have the opportunity to watch us edit them into their choice of background and get quite the giggle out of seeing themselves in silly costumes on fun backgrounds.  Then they get their pictures on the spot as a very memorable party favor! Big Lyle’s is a unique and fun experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

45th year of “making it better”

Beatle fanatics all know what February 26th means. For the rest of us who didn’t realize, today marks the 45th year since the original release of “Hey Jude”.

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, "Hey Jude"

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, “Hey Jude” to celebrate the 45th year since its original release.

Big Lyle’s provides a fun service that can represent any theme you choose and bring your guests into it.   From being on stage with your favorite band to sharing the cover of your favorite vinyl, the sky is your limit.  Big Lyle’s also provides each of your guests with a personalized take-home souvenir.  As an open air photo booth, you can have a large number of people (fit your whole band :)) and each person will get their own copy! No waiting around on us either, with our commercial printers and amazing staff pictures will be given out right after your picture is taken.  Make sure to ask about free extras we provide such as photo sleeves and costumes that match your theme.  Also add- ons like digital copies and a book of all the prints from the ENTIRE party! With Big Lyle’s at your party you don’t just get a photo booth you get a team that works hard to make sure you get what you want and provides another form of entertainment for your party.

Make sure to check out more Beatle themed pictures below! 🙂

Bridget Clark Whitney Executive Director at Kids’ Food Basket

Ann has provided photo booth services at our Kids’ Food Basket events. She does an amazing job and our guests have had so much fun creating unique, keepsake photos with costumes and props. I highly recommend Ann and her company, Big Lyle’s Party and Event Entertainment.