Snakes, turtles and lizards oh my! Grand rapids community college relaxes in the safari

For finals week at GRCC they had a fun safari themed relaxer event. They brought in food, live animals, and fun photos to remember it all. Students were able to ‘relax’ while holding snakes, lizards, turtles and other reptiles.

Big Lyle’s is able to personalize every event we do by adjusting backgrounds and fun props to whatever theme your event is. GRCC was able to pick out a number of different safari themed backgrounds for their event. We also added their logo so each picture would be branded so students could have a special memory of the day as well as giving the organizers recognition.

Take a second to look at some of the pictures from this fun event but BEWARE: LIVE ANIMALS

Fans meet Outlander stars at Season 2 premiere

Outlander fans gathered in Chicago at the AMC theater for a screening party of the season 2 premiere.  As they were ushered into the theater they stopped by Big Lyle’s photo station to get there pictures with the two outlander stars. Using green screen technology, fans were able to pick either the apartment or the garden for their background.  We were able to help Starz and Xfinity brand every picture by putting their logos as well as the title of the show.

Big Lyle’s was excited to provide a newer feature for the fans and the network, an emailing station on site.  With the new station everyone that gets their picture done has the option to send themselves the digital copy. For the sponsor it has a real benefit as they receive all the emails at the end of the event as well as being able to send a personalized message with each email.

Go ahead and walk into the “Outlander world” as you view picture from the event below.


The art of photobooth

Fun Facts about  the Photo Booth

first commercial photo booth

The beginning of Photo booth

The modern concept of the photo booth with a curtain, covering the entrance originated with Anatol Josepho in 1925 with the first photo booth appearing on Broadway Street in New York City. Facts from

Only two known photographs of Legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson t

Robert Johnson

US Postage stamp of Rober Johnson

blues pioneer Robert Johnson

The photographs of Legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson that exist are photo booth portrait. In 1994, They became the first photo booth portrait to be turned into a US postage stamp.

Warhol Art

Pop Art


Famous Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol used Photo booth strips to produce his most famous works. photobooth strip Like this one of Marlyn Monroe.

This iconic use of photography has inspired us to create our own version of “Pop-Art Prints for your event.

Warhol Style Art

Pop Art Prints

45th year of “making it better”

Beatle fanatics all know what February 26th means. For the rest of us who didn’t realize, today marks the 45th year since the original release of “Hey Jude”.

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, "Hey Jude"

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, “Hey Jude” to celebrate the 45th year since its original release.

Big Lyle’s provides a fun service that can represent any theme you choose and bring your guests into it.   From being on stage with your favorite band to sharing the cover of your favorite vinyl, the sky is your limit.  Big Lyle’s also provides each of your guests with a personalized take-home souvenir.  As an open air photo booth, you can have a large number of people (fit your whole band :)) and each person will get their own copy! No waiting around on us either, with our commercial printers and amazing staff pictures will be given out right after your picture is taken.  Make sure to ask about free extras we provide such as photo sleeves and costumes that match your theme.  Also add- ons like digital copies and a book of all the prints from the ENTIRE party! With Big Lyle’s at your party you don’t just get a photo booth you get a team that works hard to make sure you get what you want and provides another form of entertainment for your party.

Make sure to check out more Beatle themed pictures below! 🙂