125 years in production,Carhartt Michigan made

Three girls holding the head of a man

Oh No! what happened to our foreman

We had the honor of being part of the Carhartt clothing company’s 125th-year celebration right here in Michigan. To add to the anniversary theme, we suggested some Old Time photos to Capturing the fun and make souvenir keepsake picture for the employees.  This was one group of workers that needed no coaxing to get in front of the camera we got some great shots and lots of laughs. 

Everyone over the finish line wins,

Guys and gales compete to be first across finish line at the 2014 Fifth Third Rive bank run

Out of my way,

What a great event to be part of the, 2014  Fifth Third River Bank Run in Grand Rapids Mi.  Fifth Third Bank, Corporate sponsor of the 37 year run added our Green screen photo booth station at the Pre Run Sports Expo. Check it out.  We created some very funny souvenir photos and attendees had a blast participating.

Bankers Go Wild at the Saloon – Wild West Corporate Party

Bankers turn outlaws for a day via Green screen photography

A regional Cleveland/ Pittsburgh area bank asked us to throw them a heck of a good time
and bring along some sets and props to give the bankers a day to be good ol’ western outlaws. [nggallery id=3]

Embracing Winter 95 floors above Chicago

Fun with hats and pictures

It’s all about the experience

This weeks event was all about fun. The corporate event planner wanted to treat their clients to an evening of new experiences, like a bobsled ride and a chance to skate with a star.  That’s what we helped them do through the magic of Green screen special effects. This Olympic Themed event took place in the Beautiful Signature Room 95 stories  above the city of Chicago.  Cocktails, food and FUN was the line up and line up for these fun photo ops is what their guests did. Lots of laughter and good times kept the evening buzzing with excitement.

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Zombies take Santa by surprise. Mr Jolly with the walking dead!

 Just a sample of the CRAZY ideas you can incorporate into any event with creative green screen photo services.

Santa and crew in picture with Zombies

Everyone needs to be uplifted even if it’s just 1 night

[imagebrowser id=82]

Here’s a great entertainment idea for your upcoming  Holiday  party or event.  An on site photo shoot. The special effects that are used in Green screen digital photography give you unlimited  options. All your guest will enjoy ether participating or just watching the fun and excitement created with this high tech fun photo service.  And did I mention it also provides your guest with a killer keepsake party favor because we do all the photo printing instantly on site.

We Love Boobies – A beautiful way to support and uplift -American Cancer Society

Ladies with Custom made Bras

Promote This Charity

A new way to show your love for women and their womanly assets. Bras Across the Grand, a grand idea in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a fun and new event to show support for all breast cancer survivors and to raise awareness of the disease. We partnered with radio channel 95.7 Best Mix to show our support by providing our Green Screen photo services. Attendees received a cool Far-Out Photo to post, share, and keep the conversation going after the event.

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Yetti caught on film stalking the 2014 Olympic Games site

Olympic themed event

Having fun with green screen event photography

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Local Network Television knows the numbers and details of the people that will be watching the 2014 Olympics held in Sochi Russia, and they’re ramping up their promotional Department to handle the advertisers that want to use the excitement to get in front of their target market. Making announcement and spreading the excitement was part ofWTWO ,Terre Hautes  VIP event. We helped create the 2014 Olympic vision by taking their clients strait to the game via Green screen digital technology (a bit of TV reality).  Help getting guests into the fun was a special guest, Yetti the Big Foot.



Get out of the way kids we want to play too.

Funny picture made with Green screen photography

Look Ma we made on the field

What can I say. Big Lyle’s brings a lot of energy, action and fun to a party.
 Here’s just another successful event and happy clients we worked with. This time we partied at a Bar Mitzvah held at Indian Run Golf Clubin Scotts Michigan, Our Green screen photo services were brought in to entertain the kids so we  were told,  but the parents had seen us at a previous party and they were ready to take over. Why consider a green screen photo station for your next event?1.Everyone can and will participate,  2. It is hilarious to watch your friends do,  3. We can put you virtually anywhere with digital backgrounds so your event will  be customized to your theme or show your personal style. [nggallery id=75]

Making your corporate event fun for the family


Father and children having fun

Smile it’s a family photo op

When “Take your kids to work day” won’t work for your corporation consider implementing the idea of a plant tour into your Family picnic or Family fest.  Working with Fun Services out of  Wood Haven MI we brought in a fun way to check out what their mom and dads do at Johnson Controls. The event committees initial idea was for a “step and repeat” photo shoot but when we arrived the area and backdrop didn’t fit so we went to work creating a digital background and setting up a green screen photo station. To the delight of the organizers and their guests, the High Tech use of digital special effects added to the high tech theme of what Johnson Controls does every day.

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Damsels and Dragon Slayers- Juice Ball charity event-Grand Rapids Michigan

Hear Yea, Hear Yea Let all the festivities begin.

 woman In renaissance dress

Fly away little Dragon

A peek from the past, the past Juice Ball, A yearly charity event put on by Grand Rapids  Michigan’s own Tommy FitzGerald to support a great cause The Kids Food Basket . Time to have a lot of FUN, costumes suggested but not required.  Most of Tommy’s guest love to go all out and play the part. Check it out For those to shy to wear the frocks Big Lyle’s always has Just the right props to make you feel part of the crowd

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