Michigan State students gather together to celebrate the holiday season

Michigan State students gathered together in Hubbard hall to celebrate the holidays together.  After serving residents a lovely holiday meal they had a beautifully decorated room with our green screen photos and a DJ. With our personalized backgrounds and silly props the students had a blast  taking a break from their finals and just goofing around.  With each guest taking home their very own copy of their photo to hang up in their dorm or send home to family.

Girls having fun in front of the green screen

Girls having fun in front of the green screen


Take a look at some of the pictures from the event.


Dancing the night away at Hanna’s Bat Mitzvah

Last week we had the pleasure of doing green screen photos at a wonderful young lady’s Bat Mitzvah.  As soon as we started doing pictures her and her friends were so kind mannered and respectful we wished we could have the same group at all our events! They were so much fun to work with and they had such a great time at the open air photo booth.  Every event we go to people love the instant printing and the customized backgrounds and this party was no different. Make sure to take a look at some of the customized backgrounds for Hannah’s music themed Bat Mitzvah

BEautiful venue for Hanna's Bar Mitzvah

Beautiful venue for Hanna’s Bar Mitzvah

From the venue to the other photographer, Lieberman Photography, the whole event was a beautiful success planned by Janis Sternberg! Hanna and all her guests had so much fun dancing and playing games on the dance floor! The DJ from Cloud 9 special events did an absolutely wonderful job keeping all the guests entertained!

Check out a few picture from the event!


Love our Planet – Big Lyle’s Does

Everybody probably knows that next Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth day!

Big Lyle’s is helping you think of ways to help celebrate our amazing planet!

1. Plant a tree: Talk to somebody at your local gardening store to find one that will easily survive your climate!

Go Green

Go Green! Go outside and plant a tree!

2. Make a nature craft: Try making a bird feeder or house to encourage local bird population! For an extra fun challenge, try making it out of recycled items!!

What a wonderful world, lets help it out!

What a wonderful world, let’s help it out!

3. Learn about the environment: The more you  know about it, the more likely you are to be able to help save it!

Lets protect our earth together!

Let’s protect our earth together!

4. Make it a challenge to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as you can: Not only for Earth day but every day this year!

Spring is beautiful and so is recycling!

Spring is beautiful and so is recycling!

5. Love our earth: Remember to treat every day like earth day, it’s up to us to keep our planet safe!


Big Lyle’s Gives Back – You can too

If there is one thing I have noticed working with Big Lyle’s the last few years is that they love to have fun and they love to give back to the community! As a small business, they really value community and helping others.  So far this year Big Lyle’s has had the privilege of partnering with Volunteer Kalamazoo at their Eat, Drink, Give Event and Relay for life at their event in Findlay.

Both events were tons of fun (as usual) for everyone involved! Make sure to check out the pictures below to see how these two events went and the fun the guests had!

For anyone that lives in the Kalamazoo area and wants to know how to get involved in your community volunteer events click here. They have a lot of different opportunities to match your interests. Also, make sure to drop by the Relay for Life website to see events near you or to start an event.

A couple fun facts about Chinese New Year and LOTS of fun pictures!

As you browse through our fun Chinese New Year themed photos keep in mind that we can do any theme you can think of! Big Lyle’s also provides costumes and other fun props to make the photos, not only a keepsake, but part of the entertainment and fun of your party! We also hope you enjoy the fun list of facts we have provided for the Chinese New Year!

1. The reason Chinese New Year has so many lights and noises is because in ancient days there was said to be a bull with the head of a lion that would raid the villages of food and supplies. Legends told that they finally were able to stop the beast with lots of light and sound, which made it a celebration when they were able to stop the beast.

2. Part of the fun is fireworks, as China actually produces 90% of the world’s fireworks, but things stopped being fun in 2012 when over 6,000 firework-related accidents occurred the first day of the celebration!

3. It is a popular superstition that you should clean your entire house before the new year as to not leave any bad luck around the house when you embark on your new year! (Maybe we should all try this 😉)


Hot way to spice up any valentines day party

Couple poses for picture with cute pose!

Couple shakes off the cold weather and is transported to a beautiful fall trail.

Looking for a unique and fun way to spice up your Valentine’s day party? YOU FOUND IT!!

From company parties to college campuses, everyone needs a little something to help them kick their valentines day to the next level!  That is exactly what Big Lyle’s Party and Event Entertainment is going to do for you! With our modern and unique green screen technology you can give your guest the experience of a lifetime.  Maybe you’re looking to do a sweet and loving theme, we have numerous amounts of romantic heart backgrounds and more to choose from! Maybe you’d like to take all your guests to the most romantic areas of the world, Big Lyle’s can provide an array of backgrounds from Paris to Italy.  We can match any theme you have from “Love is in the air” to “Anti-Valentine”, the choice is yours. The best part is each of your guests gets to walk away with their very own copy of their picture that day! With our on-site printing the possibilities are endless.

Charlotte Marvin testimony

The Green Screen photos at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah were a ton of fun! Our guests ranged in age from 6 to 96, and just about everyone took a photo. We all had a huge laugh looking at each other’s costumes and backgrounds, and best of all, everyone had a unique party favor to take home. There was never a lull at Ann’s table, and it was entertaining to watch others set up their photos while waiting their turns. Ann made it all look easy, and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the great memories!

Charlotte Marvin
Happy Mom