6 facts you didn’t know about Abe Lincoln

Big Lyle’s is helping transport people to iconic Abe Lincoln sites to celebrate his birthday!

Keep reading to find out 6 fun facts about Abraham Lincoln!

1. Although Illinois is sometimes referred to as “the land of Lincoln” Lincoln didn’t actually move to Illinois until the age of 21. 

Couple in front of Lincoln's adulthood home in Illinois

Couple is digitally edited in front of Abe Lincoln’s adulthood home.

2. Abe Lincoln actually was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. 

Couple stands in front of Abe Lincoln's boyhood home

Big Lyle’s used green screen technology to transport this couple to Abe Lincoln’s boyhood home.

3. Abe Lincoln’s head is as tall as a 6 story building and if his head was scaled to a man the man would stand 465 ft tall.

Boy climbs Mt. Rushmore

Young boy celebrates Lincoln’s birthday by attempting to climb up Mt. Rushmore.

4. Lincoln spent lots of time teaching his men to march, although he remembered little of the commands and usually forgot how to tell them to stop and turn.

4 young boys stand in front of Lincoln's headquarters.

4 young boys stand in front of Lincoln’s headquarters.

5. The Lincoln penny was designed in 1909 and had his portrait on one side and wheat on the other, it wasn’t until 1959 that the back changed to an image of the Lincoln Memorial.

Couple Visits Lincoln Memorial

Couple celebrates Abe’s birthday by getting sent to the Lincoln Memorial.

6. (May not be complete fact) Many have said that if you look at the monument from the left side you will see the face of Robert E. Lee who is faced to look at his old home Arlington House.

Couples stand in front of Lincoln monument!

Two couples stand in front of Lincoln memorial thanks to green screen technology.

Michelle Yurcak President at Premium Event Services

I have had the opportunity to work with Ann and her company for 4 years now. She has been very good to work with, provides great value for pricing and the deliverables exceeded our expectations.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to hire the interactive services that she and Big Lyle’s Events offers.

Our First debut celebration, A beautiful custom

debutante with her escorts

debutante with her escorts

A debut is an old and Traditional Philippine celebration of a girls 18th Birthday, Rachel choose to keep it fun and glamorous with a Great Gatsby theme.This was a wonderful event to shoot, everyone came dressed in elegant period atria. Along with the lovely personal traditions of  the entourage preforming the  Grand Cotillion Dance, the 18 roses presented by her male family members, and the 18 candles where the women close to her give special messages or greetings and a wish for the future there was dancing and of course Pictures.
Looking to  add a new twist and some extra  fun to the party Rachel choose our Green screen open air photo booth. It was  a hit with the young adults, older guests and little ones too.

How to make your event unforgettable, New ideas for party entertainment.

To me music is a must have at every party. Most of our life moments and memories are associated with a song. So lets incorporate a fun alternative and get your guest involved in the process with U-Rock Videos

Camera Stars

I’m gona’ Rock your world

An all time favorite for Campus Activity events, post proms and Senior All Night Parties, “U-Rock Videos” is a mobile  on-site  music  production studio. Your guests provide the talent and entertainment by performing lip-sync versions of their favorite country, rock, rap, punk, hip-hop, or jazz songs as we produce their MTV style music video. We provide equipment,props,digital special FX,costumes and a large monitor for viewing the video process in action. Your guests entertaining each other is hilarious to watch. As a special gift for the performer  your ROCK STARS  walk away with a DVD of there performance. The U-Rock Videos are also a great team building event and fun for company picnics.[imagebrowser id=64]

Valentines – Weddings- Things a Guy will do for love and fun

One thing I can share with you is this, Guys will get their photo taken at parties if you make it fun!

Couple in looking in love

Be my Valentine

We do mainly larger corporate events, Weddings, Company Picnics, Conferences, Mitzvahs, campus activities and Marketing shows where  planners are always in need of fun new options to entertain their guests. Well this is a can’t lose choice, A photo station that uses a green screen and digital special effects. It captures the imagination of your guests and by adding  fun props it leers them in to get involved with the creative transformation of a plain old boring photo into a crazy and unique keepsake. Printing the photos on site like a photo booth means no list, no mailing Just enjoy the fun.[slideshow id=87]

Be a Super Hero – Comic Con Themed events

2014.  Fresh new photo event is now being added to our line up of

interactive photo services for parties and events.

If you’ve ever heard of a Comic Con then you know people are passionate about their favorite comic book caricatures and super heroes. So why not use this theme for one of your 2014 parties or events.

super man stops a subway car

don’t we all what to be super heroes

When asked to design a photo event for the 2014 Juice Ball in Grand Rapids Mi I used our “Green Screen” photo services to turn our party goers into Comics.  At Tommy Fitzgerald’s  fifth annual Juice Ball fundraiser Guests attending  were encouraged to dress up as comic book and cartoon characters which made the party over the top fun and were talking an over 21 crowd. We do all the picture printing on site with high speed commercial printers, the photos make great event souvenirs and help promote the cause.   Check out our newest  Fun photo options available for your event.[slideshow id=86]

It’s a Mystery for your guests

photo of a crime scene

Do U know who done it?

Just wanted to introduce you all to a fun and entertaining option for events.

If you have not experienced a live and interactive Mystery performance here is a great group of performers that will captivate your guests.

The Murder Mystery Company, LLC., produces high quality, events (over 10,000 to date) that are Designed to:
Engage your guests by providing you with a 2 hour interactive Murder Mystery event, during which a murder takes place in a comical way and it will be up to your guests to solve the crime – it’s like being in a live action version of CLUE. The guests will be given parts and clues, and one of them will be found guilty of murder by the end of the night.

Here’s a link to better describe their services:

This top quality production company has a client list that include Coca-Cola, NBC, Mercedes-Benz, Harvard, Yale, Michigan and Michigan State Universities, GE, Microsoft, Boeing, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Pepsi, Time Warner Cable, Disney, 3M, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Amazon.com, E-Harmony, GM, Allstate, Home Depot, P&G, Progressive, Target, U.S. Army, McDonald’s, Crayola, and Wells Fargo 

Great story lines for all events

VideosHere are some great videos of past events as well as a trailer on what to expect

I found Packages included professional actors who will come to your event with costumes, props; and if there are over 80 guests, a sound system is included in the package. These “Murder Pros” will walk the guests through each step, all while furthering the plot through their hilarious characters. 

Crime Poster

Fun ideas for corporate events




Zombies take Santa by surprise. Mr Jolly with the walking dead!

 Just a sample of the CRAZY ideas you can incorporate into any event with creative green screen photo services.

Santa and crew in picture with Zombies

Everyone needs to be uplifted even if it’s just 1 night

[imagebrowser id=82]

Here’s a great entertainment idea for your upcoming  Holiday  party or event.  An on site photo shoot. The special effects that are used in Green screen digital photography give you unlimited  options. All your guest will enjoy ether participating or just watching the fun and excitement created with this high tech fun photo service.  And did I mention it also provides your guest with a killer keepsake party favor because we do all the photo printing instantly on site.

MSU’s mascot Sparty gets enticed to walk the streets

MSU macsot with students

Party with Sparty @ #u-fest 2013

Another great way we serve our clients is by creating unique Branded photo events. Programming & activities departments showcased the new renovations of the Student Union on the Campus of Michigan State University by hosting the U-Fest. We feel right at home working with college students this is where we got our start developing our Green screen photo services.  Their a tough crowd to please, always looking for something new, techie, interactive and fun. These pics are all post-worthy.[nggallery id=80]