New event services – 2014 – Fine Cigars Hand Rolled for your guests

Cigars hand rolled for your event

Fine Cigars

Rolled to impress. Ahh the sweet  aroma of fine hand rolled Cigars

There is just something mesmerizing about watching an artist at work that draws you in.           Add a simple elegant mood to your next adult party or event with this custom service.     A little something special your male guests will appreciate. Your guests can watch the process of this craftsman’s unique skill of rolling Cuban style cigars as he shares his knowledge about the tobacco plant from seed in the ground, until the cigar is ready to enjoy, and the history around the most famous Cuban cigars brands.

The Craftsman’s own blend:

After testing and trying many blends, he has finally found the perfect mix, that has many similar characteristics with the Cuban cigars, texture, combustion, aroma and flavor, a blend coming from mixing tobacco from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras

 About our craftsman;

Jorde was born in Cuba, to a family of skilled tobacco farmer, as a child Jorde played among tobacco plants and was taught about the collections and handling of the plant.                   His grandfather “Vegas”, who was his great master in this wonderful art , taught him how to  identifying the best leaves and he made his first cigar at the age of 9. Since then, this art has become a real passion for him. As an adult, he has had  the opportunity to work in one of the most recognized Cuba factories “Partagas”,while there  he learned the whole process of production in the factory and now offers you the wonderful opportunity to share his skills and passion with your guests.


We have two bases packages: Contact to us for more details.
Package one: 25 cigars one and half hour show


Package two: 50 cigars two hours show


These are only basic packets, and can be changed depending on your needs