2016 Kalamazoo Mi, Breakfast on the Farm at North Bridge Church

North Bridge Church located in Cooper Michigan just minutes from Kalamazoo opened it’s doors and property to the local community Sunday Hosting it’s annual “Breakfast on the farm”. Church Volunteers had the opportunity to show the love we can all experience when we love others as Christ Loves us.  The Young and young at heart enjoyed the fun summer celebration. As members of this wonderful church family, we were thrilled to provide the keepsake photos and make some happy memories. Enjoy

Big Lyle’s makes Best of Thumbtack 2015

We’re excited to announce that Big Lyle’s has been voted Best of 2015 on Thumbtack. We could not have done it without all the amazing support from our clients.  The award is given out to businesses that have the best reviews and thanks to you all we have 5 stars! We hope to always be the most fun part of every party and we are glad that our clients think we are!



Mardi Gras parade comes to you with advanced technology

Big Lyle’s has done many themes, but one that is always fun is Mardi Gras!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Whether you want to be on the parade route or even on a float, we have an array of Mardi Gras themed backgrounds available for any time of the year.  These pictures are from an event that we did on Mardi Gras and everyone LOVED it! As a team leader, I have worked for this company for about 5 years and my favorite part is watching the customers have fun. With an open air photo booth it automatically becomes part of the party!  A lot of people’s favorite part of your event may be crowding around the green screen (something that happens at every event) just to watch and laugh with the people taking a picture.  Guests have the opportunity to watch us edit them into their choice of background and get quite the giggle out of seeing themselves in silly costumes on fun backgrounds.  Then they get their pictures on the spot as a very memorable party favor! Big Lyle’s is a unique and fun experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

A couple fun facts about Chinese New Year and LOTS of fun pictures!

As you browse through our fun Chinese New Year themed photos keep in mind that we can do any theme you can think of! Big Lyle’s also provides costumes and other fun props to make the photos, not only a keepsake, but part of the entertainment and fun of your party! We also hope you enjoy the fun list of facts we have provided for the Chinese New Year!

1. The reason Chinese New Year has so many lights and noises is because in ancient days there was said to be a bull with the head of a lion that would raid the villages of food and supplies. Legends told that they finally were able to stop the beast with lots of light and sound, which made it a celebration when they were able to stop the beast.

2. Part of the fun is fireworks, as China actually produces 90% of the world’s fireworks, but things stopped being fun in 2012 when over 6,000 firework-related accidents occurred the first day of the celebration!

3. It is a popular superstition that you should clean your entire house before the new year as to not leave any bad luck around the house when you embark on your new year! (Maybe we should all try this 😉)


Hot way to spice up any valentines day party

Couple poses for picture with cute pose!

Couple shakes off the cold weather and is transported to a beautiful fall trail.

Looking for a unique and fun way to spice up your Valentine’s day party? YOU FOUND IT!!

From company parties to college campuses, everyone needs a little something to help them kick their valentines day to the next level!  That is exactly what Big Lyle’s Party and Event Entertainment is going to do for you! With our modern and unique green screen technology you can give your guest the experience of a lifetime.  Maybe you’re looking to do a sweet and loving theme, we have numerous amounts of romantic heart backgrounds and more to choose from! Maybe you’d like to take all your guests to the most romantic areas of the world, Big Lyle’s can provide an array of backgrounds from Paris to Italy.  We can match any theme you have from “Love is in the air” to “Anti-Valentine”, the choice is yours. The best part is each of your guests gets to walk away with their very own copy of their picture that day! With our on-site printing the possibilities are endless.

Dickens Style Christmas at Dominican Sister’s Charity Christmas Party

Three men in top hats with wifes.

Event Christmas photography done at Dominican Sister’s charity Christmas party in Grand Rapids.

Celebrating 125 years of mission, the Dominican Sisters hosted a charity Christmas party inspired by the works of Charles Dickens.

Dominican sisters celebrated their 125th year of mission in December with a Christmas party to remember.  Decorations to impress we were given a tree decorated with style that Dickens himself would be pleased with.   Candles, paper chains and other beautiful decorations were also placed about featuring, of course, an old copy of The Christmas Carol.  The sisters and workers at the venue quickly greeted us with excitement and alot helpful hands.  Our photographer, Rashelle Paggeot, put up lights and adjusted her camera and effortlessly started with the shoot.  As there was lots of tours and things to see a slow but steady line was present the whole event.  Smiles all around the event was truly a success.  We used our on-site printer and computer to print out all the images and gave them to the sisters for them to use as thank you gifts for all the attendees.

Frozen- a memory captured in pictures

FROZEN, 2014 number one  party theme for corporate “Family Christmas parties”.
Yep! and here are some fun samples from the Corporate Holiday and Christmas parties this past week.
Thank you Grand Rapids Party Works for adding our Green screen open air photo booth to your events in Wayland Michigan and at the Grand Traverse Bay Resort. Making Christmas memories with all the families was a fun experience. Anna and Elsa had fun too.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen

A special trip from Arendelle

Taming the wild west! Our style of Photo booth

Cowboys in town

sit down and stay a spell

Looking to add some fun to your next gathering? Look at the creative, interactive and entertaining photo services we provide.   Our Photos are the perfect add on for ANY event. Today’s post is from a community event hosted by North Bridge Church in Cooper Michigan. An annual event called “Breakfast at the Farm” is a fun way to introduce themselves to there local community. They provide a pancake breakfast, live farm animals, lots of big tractors and hay rides. They were looking for a photo booth, we did one bigger and better and We created a photos station with our western Step & Repeat backdrop. This became another focal point of the event and provided a treasured branded photo keepsake.

Our First debut celebration, A beautiful custom

debutante with her escorts

debutante with her escorts

A debut is an old and Traditional Philippine celebration of a girls 18th Birthday, Rachel choose to keep it fun and glamorous with a Great Gatsby theme.This was a wonderful event to shoot, everyone came dressed in elegant period atria. Along with the lovely personal traditions of  the entourage preforming the  Grand Cotillion Dance, the 18 roses presented by her male family members, and the 18 candles where the women close to her give special messages or greetings and a wish for the future there was dancing and of course Pictures.
Looking to  add a new twist and some extra  fun to the party Rachel choose our Green screen open air photo booth. It was  a hit with the young adults, older guests and little ones too.

A great send off for Graduates in Indianapolis In


Party Lounge in Orange and brown

Creating a club feel for a warm and stylish Graduation party

 Looking for a cool, comfortable and welcoming design for a summer party? take a peek at party designer Anne Rogers setup for this Indianapolis graduation party. She incorporated cozy gathering area for guests to enjoy with bright splashes of color that added to the festive feel. In keeping with the life celebration theme of the graduation party, each graduate (this one was for triplets ) had a large photo panel designed for them. Yummy food, Plenty of beverage choices like fresh made smoothies and a Gracious hostess were the perfect start to a wonderful day. The party included A DJ for continuous tunes  and our Fun Green screen photo booth to capture friends and family making  unique fun memories.

Graduation party designs

It’s in the details