Fans meet Outlander stars at Season 2 premiere

Outlander fans gathered in Chicago at the AMC theater for a screening party of the season 2 premiere.  As they were ushered into the theater they stopped by Big Lyle’s photo station to get there pictures with the two outlander stars. Using green screen technology, fans were able to pick either the apartment or the garden for their background.  We were able to help Starz and Xfinity brand every picture by putting their logos as well as the title of the show.

Big Lyle’s was excited to provide a newer feature for the fans and the network, an emailing station on site.  With the new station everyone that gets their picture done has the option to send themselves the digital copy. For the sponsor it has a real benefit as they receive all the emails at the end of the event as well as being able to send a personalized message with each email.

Go ahead and walk into the “Outlander world” as you view picture from the event below.


Spring into fun- 2016- party season

The Firekeepers Casino is always a fun place for Big Lyles to do events. With the great customer service provided by Firekeepers staff and the fun provided by our green screen photos, our clients from Denso Corporation couldn’t quit smiling last Saturday at their employee appreciation party. Memories of fun photos with friends that will last a lifetime. We love being part of your celebration


We love the 80’s – 2016 Juice Ball

As usual, Tommy Fitzgerald’s annual Juice Ball was a very fun event for everyone involved!  The themes for the event change every year and I must admit this years theme, The 80’s,  might’ve been one of my favorites!

Off the shoulder sweatshirts, Bright leggings, and many more funny fashions flooded the JW Marriott. The Juice Ball isn’t just for fun though, every year it raises money for Tommy’s organization, Kitchen Sage.  Kitchen Sage is a great program that provides all of these below!

• A Culinary Leadership Academy to build life skills for Grand Rapids youths, teaching budgeting, planning, teamwork, accountability, character development, resourcefulness, and leadership in a fun, food-centered atmosphere
• Resources for smart shopping, recipes and meal planning, nutrition, and the tools and techniques of the kitchen
• Opportunities for local businesses to partner and support each other
• Meaningful volunteer and mentoring roles for community members
• Career preparation skills, including ServSafe® Food Handler Certification

Big Lyle’s is always glad to be a part of such a giving organization and loves volunteering at this event to raise money for such a good cause!


Please view our gallery of pictures from this years event below.


Mariners Inn’s River Rhythm Gala at Motor City Casino

Hey guys, this week we wanted to share an event we did at The Soundboard at Motor City Casino in Detroit.  The event was for Mariner’s Inn, a shelter and treatment center for the homeless.  It is such a great organization that helps men and their families that are affected by substance abuse.

This was our second time doing green screen pictures for this wonderful event and we couldn’t have had a more fun time with it.  We did personalized pictures for their Gatsby themed event that was a hit for every guest that did it and got to take a picture home with them. We can’t wait to come back next year to help such an amazing cause, please make sure to visit Mariner’s Inn on their website to learn more about what they do and how you can help!

Here’s a few picture from the green screen:)


Big Lyle’s makes Best of Thumbtack 2015

We’re excited to announce that Big Lyle’s has been voted Best of 2015 on Thumbtack. We could not have done it without all the amazing support from our clients.  The award is given out to businesses that have the best reviews and thanks to you all we have 5 stars! We hope to always be the most fun part of every party and we are glad that our clients think we are!



Love our Planet – Big Lyle’s Does

Everybody probably knows that next Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth day!

Big Lyle’s is helping you think of ways to help celebrate our amazing planet!

1. Plant a tree: Talk to somebody at your local gardening store to find one that will easily survive your climate!

Go Green

Go Green! Go outside and plant a tree!

2. Make a nature craft: Try making a bird feeder or house to encourage local bird population! For an extra fun challenge, try making it out of recycled items!!

What a wonderful world, lets help it out!

What a wonderful world, let’s help it out!

3. Learn about the environment: The more you  know about it, the more likely you are to be able to help save it!

Lets protect our earth together!

Let’s protect our earth together!

4. Make it a challenge to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as you can: Not only for Earth day but every day this year!

Spring is beautiful and so is recycling!

Spring is beautiful and so is recycling!

5. Love our earth: Remember to treat every day like earth day, it’s up to us to keep our planet safe!


45th year of “making it better”

Beatle fanatics all know what February 26th means. For the rest of us who didn’t realize, today marks the 45th year since the original release of “Hey Jude”.

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, "Hey Jude"

Group of friends pose in the hit single record, “Hey Jude” to celebrate the 45th year since its original release.

Big Lyle’s provides a fun service that can represent any theme you choose and bring your guests into it.   From being on stage with your favorite band to sharing the cover of your favorite vinyl, the sky is your limit.  Big Lyle’s also provides each of your guests with a personalized take-home souvenir.  As an open air photo booth, you can have a large number of people (fit your whole band :)) and each person will get their own copy! No waiting around on us either, with our commercial printers and amazing staff pictures will be given out right after your picture is taken.  Make sure to ask about free extras we provide such as photo sleeves and costumes that match your theme.  Also add- ons like digital copies and a book of all the prints from the ENTIRE party! With Big Lyle’s at your party you don’t just get a photo booth you get a team that works hard to make sure you get what you want and provides another form of entertainment for your party.

Make sure to check out more Beatle themed pictures below! 🙂

6 facts you didn’t know about Abe Lincoln

Big Lyle’s is helping transport people to iconic Abe Lincoln sites to celebrate his birthday!

Keep reading to find out 6 fun facts about Abraham Lincoln!

1. Although Illinois is sometimes referred to as “the land of Lincoln” Lincoln didn’t actually move to Illinois until the age of 21. 

Couple in front of Lincoln's adulthood home in Illinois

Couple is digitally edited in front of Abe Lincoln’s adulthood home.

2. Abe Lincoln actually was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. 

Couple stands in front of Abe Lincoln's boyhood home

Big Lyle’s used green screen technology to transport this couple to Abe Lincoln’s boyhood home.

3. Abe Lincoln’s head is as tall as a 6 story building and if his head was scaled to a man the man would stand 465 ft tall.

Boy climbs Mt. Rushmore

Young boy celebrates Lincoln’s birthday by attempting to climb up Mt. Rushmore.

4. Lincoln spent lots of time teaching his men to march, although he remembered little of the commands and usually forgot how to tell them to stop and turn.

4 young boys stand in front of Lincoln's headquarters.

4 young boys stand in front of Lincoln’s headquarters.

5. The Lincoln penny was designed in 1909 and had his portrait on one side and wheat on the other, it wasn’t until 1959 that the back changed to an image of the Lincoln Memorial.

Couple Visits Lincoln Memorial

Couple celebrates Abe’s birthday by getting sent to the Lincoln Memorial.

6. (May not be complete fact) Many have said that if you look at the monument from the left side you will see the face of Robert E. Lee who is faced to look at his old home Arlington House.

Couples stand in front of Lincoln monument!

Two couples stand in front of Lincoln memorial thanks to green screen technology.

UFO sightings and Big Foot leads

As a party or event planner, one of your main goals is to engage the guest in a fun experience, that  makes a lasting memories.

UFO sighted in Kalamazoo

What the?

We help them accomplish their mission with imagination, fun and flair. Who isn’t going to remember witnessing a UFO flying overhead, Or waiting for Big Foot to appear?  Our green screen photo service allows you to add a  fun creative options that will set your event apart from the ordinary. Perfect for adult functions,  we can provide classic or traditional backdrops or a Fun Themed Digital Special FX open air photo booth, like we did for this Company party in Kalamazoo MI hosted at the historic State Theater.


The Ice Man Cometh, with a whole lot of bikes,Traverse City Michigan

One thing about our business, I ALWAY get interesting request for photo-op.

Girl on mountain Bike

Look no mud

If you remember my post from the spring,  We  provided 5th3rd Bank with a fun green screen photo booth experience at the Pre-ride Expo for the participants  and Fans of the annual  River Bank Run in Grand Rapids MI. We had fun (digitally) placing  the attendees at the starting line, the finish line and odd places on the course,  Well they loved the response from the participants so when they decided to become sponsors of the grueling Ice Man Cometh Mountain bike race up in Traverse City MI They want us to recreate the experience for the Bike riders. I was up for the challenge, We had a lot of laughs and so did the those watching in the exhibition Hall.