Department Fair Purdue University

Sponsored by the honors college we were excited to come to Purdue’s campus for their department fair. It’s always fun to have somebody sponsor us because we are able to provide so much fun for the guests while also providing a marketing opportunity for the sponsor. Each time anyone that attended the event got their picture taken everyone in the photo was given a copy to take home as a souvenir. Before we print the  pictures out we have the ability to add a logo, put on a date or whatever else you would like. So whenever the guests look back on their fun memories your logo is there for them to remember as well.

As you can see in the photos below, the honors college at Purdue had us put their logo on every personalized picture.

Snakes, turtles and lizards oh my! Grand rapids community college relaxes in the safari

For finals week at GRCC they had a fun safari themed relaxer event. They brought in food, live animals, and fun photos to remember it all. Students were able to ‘relax’ while holding snakes, lizards, turtles and other reptiles.

Big Lyle’s is able to personalize every event we do by adjusting backgrounds and fun props to whatever theme your event is. GRCC was able to pick out a number of different safari themed backgrounds for their event. We also added their logo so each picture would be branded so students could have a special memory of the day as well as giving the organizers recognition.

Take a second to look at some of the pictures from this fun event but BEWARE: LIVE ANIMALS

Michigan State students gather together to celebrate the holiday season

Michigan State students gathered together in Hubbard hall to celebrate the holidays together.  After serving residents a lovely holiday meal they had a beautifully decorated room with our green screen photos and a DJ. With our personalized backgrounds and silly props the students had a blast  taking a break from their finals and just goofing around.  With each guest taking home their very own copy of their photo to hang up in their dorm or send home to family.

Girls having fun in front of the green screen

Girls having fun in front of the green screen


Take a look at some of the pictures from the event.


Big Lyle’s makes Best of Thumbtack 2015

We’re excited to announce that Big Lyle’s has been voted Best of 2015 on Thumbtack. We could not have done it without all the amazing support from our clients.  The award is given out to businesses that have the best reviews and thanks to you all we have 5 stars! We hope to always be the most fun part of every party and we are glad that our clients think we are!



Students overcome-celebration mandatory- Party on

Early spring is a busy time here at Big Lyle’s, Providing some much-needed fun for college and university student this time of the year is a big part of our spring bookings.

girls on Red carpet runway

Hollywood Red Carpet event

Our Green screen photo service is requested for a variety of Campus events, whether it’s for stress relief during exam week or to celebrate the end of the school year at a farewell party the green screen photo-op adds the perfect touch to each campus party. Promoted as a “Hollywood Green Screen photo shoot” or and interactive Open Air Photo Booth the excitement and fun it brings to the event always gets the student in a festive mood and the pictures they instantly receive become a treasured year end keepsake.  Today’s photo blog feature students from Rochester College in Rochester Mi, the event was sponsored by their Alumni Association.

Muguls entertaining Wizards

This week we worked with the Union Activities Board of Michigan State University

University Activities Board memebers

Party crew at Michigan State

Creating a magical event with a Harry Potter Theme. It took a bit of creative thinking for a group of Muggles to entertain Wizards. Students were encouraged to come in costume or Cosplay their favorite Harry Potter Caricature and the UAB added Magical activities like, of course, a Magician, Butter Beer ( Butterscotch Beer) Jelly beans and the Magic of Green screen technology to transport them to Hogwarts University. Check out the fun photos created in front of our Green screen photo booth

Mardi Gras parade comes to you with advanced technology

Big Lyle’s has done many themes, but one that is always fun is Mardi Gras!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Group parties in the Mardi Gras parade!

Whether you want to be on the parade route or even on a float, we have an array of Mardi Gras themed backgrounds available for any time of the year.  These pictures are from an event that we did on Mardi Gras and everyone LOVED it! As a team leader, I have worked for this company for about 5 years and my favorite part is watching the customers have fun. With an open air photo booth it automatically becomes part of the party!  A lot of people’s favorite part of your event may be crowding around the green screen (something that happens at every event) just to watch and laugh with the people taking a picture.  Guests have the opportunity to watch us edit them into their choice of background and get quite the giggle out of seeing themselves in silly costumes on fun backgrounds.  Then they get their pictures on the spot as a very memorable party favor! Big Lyle’s is a unique and fun experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

Hot way to spice up any valentines day party

Couple poses for picture with cute pose!

Couple shakes off the cold weather and is transported to a beautiful fall trail.

Looking for a unique and fun way to spice up your Valentine’s day party? YOU FOUND IT!!

From company parties to college campuses, everyone needs a little something to help them kick their valentines day to the next level!  That is exactly what Big Lyle’s Party and Event Entertainment is going to do for you! With our modern and unique green screen technology you can give your guest the experience of a lifetime.  Maybe you’re looking to do a sweet and loving theme, we have numerous amounts of romantic heart backgrounds and more to choose from! Maybe you’d like to take all your guests to the most romantic areas of the world, Big Lyle’s can provide an array of backgrounds from Paris to Italy.  We can match any theme you have from “Love is in the air” to “Anti-Valentine”, the choice is yours. The best part is each of your guests gets to walk away with their very own copy of their picture that day! With our on-site printing the possibilities are endless.

Senior Send Off. Time for making memories – University Notre Dame

3 students as cartoons

Look I’m a cartoon

This was a special event for the seniors on the campus of Notre Dame , one last party with  friends before graduation.

Props go to Xtreme Fun Party for once again being the connection to fun.  Listening to their clients request for  something that was fun and entertaining, would fit in at The Legends Night Club and give the  students something to take away,  Brenda new what would fit their needs and  provided them with our  “Pho-Toons”  cartoon style pictures And what can be more fun that costumes for an interactive crazy  experience.


How to make your event unforgettable, New ideas for party entertainment.

To me music is a must have at every party. Most of our life moments and memories are associated with a song. So lets incorporate a fun alternative and get your guest involved in the process with U-Rock Videos

Camera Stars

I’m gona’ Rock your world

An all time favorite for Campus Activity events, post proms and Senior All Night Parties, “U-Rock Videos” is a mobile  on-site  music  production studio. Your guests provide the talent and entertainment by performing lip-sync versions of their favorite country, rock, rap, punk, hip-hop, or jazz songs as we produce their MTV style music video. We provide equipment,props,digital special FX,costumes and a large monitor for viewing the video process in action. Your guests entertaining each other is hilarious to watch. As a special gift for the performer  your ROCK STARS  walk away with a DVD of there performance. The U-Rock Videos are also a great team building event and fun for company picnics.[imagebrowser id=64]