The art of photobooth

Fun Facts about  the Photo Booth

first commercial photo booth

The beginning of Photo booth

The modern concept of the photo booth with a curtain, covering the entrance originated with Anatol Josepho in 1925 with the first photo booth appearing on Broadway Street in New York City. Facts from

Only two known photographs of Legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson t

Robert Johnson

US Postage stamp of Rober Johnson

blues pioneer Robert Johnson

The photographs of Legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson that exist are photo booth portrait. In 1994, They became the first photo booth portrait to be turned into a US postage stamp.

Warhol Art

Pop Art


Famous Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol used Photo booth strips to produce his most famous works. photobooth strip Like this one of Marlyn Monroe.

This iconic use of photography has inspired us to create our own version of “Pop-Art Prints for your event.

Warhol Style Art

Pop Art Prints